Parish of Leatherhead
Bellringing at the Parish Church and its history

The Band

We ring twice on Sundays, also on national and local occasions, such as the Millennium Peal. We take part in competitions with other bands.

We have social events and bellringing outings. Practice is on Tuesday evenings: we welcome new members and train novices, including juniors.

The Band at work - ringed by history.

Leatherhead Ringing is a sheet of useful information compiled for visiting ringers - people organising outings and the like - to save having to tell each person all the info individually.

Bell schedule is something we've done following the refurbishment. The top three quarters is a reproduction of the handwritten schedule of the bells Whitechapel Bell Foundry produced in 1924 - as faithful a reproduction as possible using available fonts. We've then added (in a consistent style) at the bottom a bit more of the history and the more recent work.


A Peal involves ringing at least 5000 combinations of the bells without repetition - changes - and takes about three hours of intense concentration  - that's 28 changes a minute. 

If the tenor bell is rung last in each change and all the other bells continuously move their places, the changes could be as shown on the right.

The Conductor rings as well as conducting and it is their duty to ensure that no mistakes are made, or if they are, to correct them immediately.  All ringing is done from memory and no written or similar aids are allowed.

Peter Ford maintaining the bells

The history of our Bells and News from the Belfry

For more on bellringing at Leatherhead Parish Church please write to the Captain of the Bellringers, Parish Office, Parish Church Hall, Church Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8BD

For more about bellringing visit the Guildford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers website

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