Veronica Harding

by Mary Clarke and Joyce Salsbury

Veronica Harding, who sadly died on 27th July 2001, was a very devoted wife, mother and grandmother, but also found time for others less fortunate than herself. When able, she supported local organisations such as the Townswomen's Guild and Leatherhead Women's Institute. For many years Veronica was a very staunch supporter of the Swan's Club. She would spend her time serving refreshments at the meetings of this club for the disabled, writing letters for the blind or offering a sympathetic ear to those who just wished to talk.

She was a talented member of the WI Handicrafts Group and won many prizes. She helped Oxfam to make garments for premature babies at Epsom. Her excellent needlework interpretation of the Church, and other pieces, for the Millennium Wall Hanging, will be a lasting legacy to her skill.

Derek Harding: To all those kind people who have sustained my family and me with their prayers, love, kindness, cards and letters during my wife's illness and her death, we give our sincere thanks. Your support has given us strength and made a sad time bearable for us.

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