Parish of Leatherhead - Ruth Spiers, 1920 - 2014

Ruth was the oldest of three girls. Unfortunately, for some reason, she didn't get on at all well with her mother, who was often cruel to her, both physically and mentally. However, she stayed loyal to both parents.

She worked as a secretary for a firm in Fetcham, where she met a clever young engineer, called Humphrey. They soon fell in love and began making plans for their future together, putting a deposit on a house in Fetcham. Tragically, three months before the wedding Humphrey had a heart attack and died instantly. All Ruth's hopes and dreams were shattered and she had a breakdown. However, her faith carried her through. She stayed in touch with Humphrey's parents: they had no other children and she was like a daughter to them.

On the advice of her doctor Ruth left the place where she and Humphrey met and started working at Ronson's in Leatherhead, where they manufactured cigarette lighters. As always, Ruth was very efficient at her work and was very happy. At retirement age her boss begged her to stay on. Sadly, though, shortly afterwards Ronson's went bust and Ruth was forced to leave, resulting in another breakdown for her.

It was at about this time that I met her. She invited me to her home one morning for coffee and a chat. When I left my head was buzzing - Ruth had done all the chatting! Nevertheless we became good friends and went to lots of things together. Ruth became a very loyal member of All Saints Church after her fiancÚ's death and involved herself with all aspects of church life: she was very welcoming to newcomers and helped at funerals, coffee mornings, fetes, etc. She was a brilliant cook and often had friends to lunch, but her "pieces de resistance" were her wonderful sponge cakes (chocolate, lemon, and coffee) which were very sought after and were to die for.

Finally her mental health deteriorated and it was felt that she needed extra attention, so she went to live in The Beeches Care Home, in Leatherhead. Latterly she lost all memory of her friends and didn't even know me, after our thirty years of friendship. So I pray that, after her rather tragic life, she is now reunited with her beloved Humphrey, and happy at last. Thank you for our friendship, and God bless you and keep you, dear Ruth.

Sheila Reynolds

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