Rowland Starr, died August 2001

If ever a funeral was a celebration of life, it was Rowland Starr's. He wanted it to be a party, and a jazz band led the cortege to the church from the Bookworm. Family and friends played a prominent role in the service, which Rowland had planned himself. In a moving tribute the vicar described the Bookworm as "Rowland in print" - he had inherited the shop in North Street from his grand-parents.

It was typical of the shop that after a fire a notice on the door read "Normal chaos will be resumed as soon as possible". In a message to be read at his funeral, Rowland wrote that "not enough of us take time to reflect, be still, and be there for each other". Leatherhead has lost one of its kindest local characters, who faced death with great courage, fortitude, humanity and dignity.

Alison Wright

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