Parish of Leatherhead - Marjorie Spreadbury 1914-2008

from the April 2003 issue of the Parish Magazine

Whose Pews? Marjorie Spreadbury

Marjorie grew up with four sisters and Christian parents and she learned to become very domesticated. She has always been fond of animals, but it was her fondness of children that led her to train to become a private children's nurse. Marjorie married and had three children, which was not easy during the war years. When old enough, the children joined the cubs and guides at the church that they all attended. Marjorie was asked to help with cubs which she did for 17 years and became their Akela.

As a family, their lives were centred around church, her son was in the choir and her daughters were Sunday School teachers and Brown Owl. Marjorie became one of the Founder Members of the Mothers Union Branch which was started at Holy Cross Church, New Malden.

Sadly, Marjorie was very suddenly widowed 46 years ago with three children 12, 14 and 17 years old. This was devastating to Marjorie, but she had to survive and look after three children. She entirely took over the running of her husband's business for the next 18 years; he was a Master Butcher. This included everything from recruiting the, predominantly male, staff and managing all the business affairs, to being grateful that she had learned to drive when she was 17 so that she could drive the company van around.

Marjorie's interests have always been handiwork, model-making, sewing and especially knitting, also gardening which she still does. She moved to Leatherhead in 1974 and has attended the Parish Church for 29 years. She enjoys both the 10.30am and the 6.30pm services but unfortunately cannot get to the latter one so much now. Marjorie delivers a few church magazines each month and has been a member of the Mothers Union for almost 50 years. For many years she sent out Baptism Anniversary Cards to children who had been baptised in Leatherhead, on behalf of the Mothers Union.

Marjorie enjoys visiting her son who has lived and worked in the USA since he was 20 years old. She has visited many different States and areas of America with him and his family. Marjorie's children have blessed her with seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She particularly enjoys them all getting together for birthdays and having favourite treats like profiteroles and coffee ice cream.

Marjorie enjoys reading Church, Mothers Union and Townswomen's Guild magazines, the Bible and her correspondence which takes up a great deal of her spare time. She seldom goes to films, but enjoys the Theatre. Young children's questions and remarks make her laugh!

from the May 2008 issue of the Parish Magazine
Marjorie's many Leatherhead friends will know that in 2005 she moved to an Oxford Care Home to be closer to me. Sadly, on April 11 she died suddenly but peacefully in her bed at Isis House. It was not expected but Marjorie had been having feeding problems and was increasingly frail. She was relaxed and happy all the time and had been laughing with the other residents on the previous afternoon.

At 94 Marjorie completed her lovely life as she would always have wished. Her family have grateful memories of her 30 years in Leatherhead with the warm friendships she made. The funeral will be in Oxford in early May.
Angela Rhodes

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