Parish of Leatherhead - Elsie Moore

Elsie Moore With her sister Marion, Elsie Moore held the purse strings of Leatherhead Parish Church for many years, and they have acted as advisers to succeeding treasurers and churchwardens. At Elsie's funeral on 27th March 2006, the Vicar described them as the mainstay of the financial management of the church. They had a unique understanding of church finance.

Elsie's special expertise was in planned giving and tax recovery. Her niece Barbara described her amazing powers of mental arithmetic, very useful in her career in the Post Office. She rose to become Acting Postmaster at Leatherhead - a considerable achievement for one with only an elementary education.

The Vicar described Elsie's stoical acceptance of whatever life had to bring - she overcame cancer at the age of 58 and with Marion took great care of their mother. In retirement they both used their gifts of embroidery to raise a great deal of money in the making of soft toys. Their faith governed their lives. Our love and sympathy goes to Marion in her loss. Alison Wright, writing in the April 2006 Parish magazine

Thank you Marion would like to thank all her friends who supported her and her family at Elsie's funeral; it was a great comfort. Also for all the cards and letters, totalling more than 50, which she received at this sad time.

Marion Moore, Elsie's sister, died in 2007.

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