Venerable Bill Purcell 1912-1994

born 22 Jan 1912 in Norwich
1932 Cambridge University
1935 Westcott House
Deaconed 1937, Priested 1938
1937 Curate St Michael's Headingley, Leeds, first met Kathleen
1939 Minor Canon, Ripon Cathedral
1941 Marriage to Kathleen
1943 Vicar, Holbeck, Leeds
1947 Vicar, Chapel Allerton, Leeds
1963 invited by Dr George Reindorp, Bishop of Guildford, to become Vicar St Martin of Tours, Epsom
1968-82 Archdeacon of Dorking
died 1994

Bill lived came to Leatherhead in 1968, at Orchardleigh and in retirement moved to Windfield, occasionally taking services in the parish.

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