History of Leatherhead Parish Church,
St.Mary & St.Nicholas
Plan of the church, 1998

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Some features to look for on your visit

A landmark church
As you approach Leatherhead from Dorking look out for a wonderful view on your right of the church tower across the public Church Gardens. 

Turn into Church Road, where there is a car park at the back of the church hall opposite the church.

Before crossing the road back to the church, take in the view of the church nestling at the corner of its immense churchyard. 

The church is usually open from 11am to 2pm, Mondays to Fridays during April-October, when a steward will warmly welcome you.

In the churchyard, at the junction with Worple Road, you will find the grave of Anthony Hope Hawkins, the author of the Prisoner of Zenda, whose father was headmaster of St.John's School, Leatherhead.

A mother's love, even for an enemy
At the far end of the churchyard, bordering houses, there is the grave of
Pilot Officer Edward Arnold, a parishioner killed when his Halifax bomber of 35 Squadron crashed near Guildford after being tragically shot down by one of our own fighters on 10th March 1941. 

His mother insisted that he be buried next to Unteroffizier Menningman, a German airman shot down locally.  Mrs Arnold tended Menningman's grave, as well as her son's, until he was reinterred in Germany.

In the church, when open
You may buy a copy of the history and there are some guide boards and leaflets telling you of the main points of historical and architectural interest.

For example, as shown above, notice that the Tower is at an angle to the Nave and that there is a very unusual 'double squint' in the wall of the North Chancel.

Perhaps  you will pause to reflect on the thirty or so generations who have passed on to us this local living focus of Christian witness and history.